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Surprise Cards - Hocus Pocus

Hocus-pocus card

Project designed by instructions provided courtesy of Jane Beard.

Jane Beard, creator of the Museum of Modern Rubber, develops special "interactive" greeting cards by using card stock, rubber stamps, and watercolor markers. Some of her "moving" cards, such as the ballerina music box featured below, require little more than stamping, tracing, cutting, pasting, and coloring.

Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

Figure D

Figure E


rubber stamps:
- Top Hat stamp #L700
- Gloved Hand stamp #G-701
- Stars stamp #F-618
- Abracadabra! stamp #E-702 (Hocus Pocus)
card stock - 5" x 16", plus two extra pieces, about 6" x 6")
stamp rainbow pad
watercolor markers
glue stick or tape
straight edge
hobby knife
length of sheer fabric or ribbon (12" x 4") such as tulle or organza
small Velcro dots


  1. Fold card stock into three 5-1/2" panels. Next, fold the top 5-1/2" panel in half again.
  2. Set the card so that the short panels are at the top. Score all panels so they will be easier to fold.
  3. Stamp the hand and hat images on an extra piece of card stock (figure A) and trim out. Glue the cutouts on the first panel, making sure the fingertip of the hand is just above the fold line of the next panel and the hat is just under the hand (figure B).
  4. Draw a light pencil guideline on the center panel, horizontally across the center of the panel.
  5. Cut a slot approximately 2" long, on the guideline in the center panel.
  6. On fold of top panel (just below fingertips) cut a 1/2" wide slot.
  7. Color and decorate card as desired.
  8. Push the end of the fabric through the top slot near the fingertips (figure C), and tape into place on the back side of the card.
  9. Put other end of fabric through the bottom slot near the top of the hat (figure D), and tape into place (figure E).
  10. Fold the top panel down and turn over card. Pull the fabric all the way through to the back side and pull the fabric towards the bottom end of the card.
  11. Tape end of fabric in place and trim off any excess.
  12. Fold up bottom panel.
  13. Attach self-stick Velcro dots to the inside corners of the back panel. This will help hold the fabric in place until the card is opened.
  14. When the top panel of the card is pulled, the fabric will slide up through the bottom slot like magic.
  15. To pull the fabric back inside the card and hidden, close the card front, open the card back, gently open the card all the way, and once the fabric is pulled through, close the card again.

rubber stamps
Stamp designed by JK Beard / Museum of Modern Rubber.
Licensed by Sweet Stampen