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Surprise Cards - Ballerina

Ballerina music box card
Change the look of the card by stamping on a background and using different colors.

Project designed by instructions provided courtesy of Jane Beard.

Jane Beard, creator of the Museum of Modern Rubber, develops special "interactive" greeting cards by using card stock, rubber stamps, and watercolor markers. Some of her "moving" cards, such as the ballerina music box featured below, require little more than stamping, tracing, cutting, pasting, and coloring.

Figure A


Figure B


Figure C

Figure D


rubber stamps:
- Music Box (#M-648)
- Floral Pattern (#H-609;)
- Jewels (#F-746 )
- Tiny Key trinket (#S-987)
Kaleidacolor rainbow stamp pad - discontinued, use any desired stamp pad
card stock - two 6" x 6" pieces
watercolor markers
glue stick
straight edge
hobby knife
-mirror paper or Mylar sheets
-small rhinestones
-Post-It note



  1. Stamp music box in center of 6" x 6" card stock (figure A). This will be your original card.

  2. Stamp second image of music box on an extra piece of card stock.

  3. Color the entire music box on the original card with watercolor markers (figure B).

  4. Color in the drawer and tray/compartment area only of the second image (figure C).

  5. If you desire a background image, now is the time to mask the image with a Post-It or
    other stamped image, and stamp the background on the original card.

  6. If using mirror paper, trim out mirror area on image. It will be attached later.

  7. Cut a slot in the original card across the top of the drawer (figure D).

  8. On second image, trim out compartment/tray part of the music box, forming two small tabs at the top, and trim out the front of drawer.

  9. Overlap drawer front up to area where compartments start, and tape or glue into place.

  10. Fold under one of the tabs and insert drawer into slot on original card.

  11. If using mirror paper, attach to the back of the card so that it shows through the hole in front.

  12. Glue or tape another piece of card stock onto the back to finish the card. Be careful not to glue under the drawer area where the tabs are.

  13. Glue rhinestones and other goodies onto the card if desired.
Applying the Dye
  1. Note: For this technique, Color Mist is sprayed directly on dry fabric. To make dark blue morning glory, lay fabric pieces on protective paper. Let dry between each application of dye. Spray main body piece with Light Blue. When dry, mist with Cornflower Blue to highlight. Spray middle area of flower center with Light Blue. Highlight edges with Cornflower Blue. Spray inner curve of flounce rings with Light Blue. Spray outer edge of curve with Cornflower Blue. Spray flower ends and bias strip with Hunter Green.

  2. Repeat for light blue morning glory, using Light Blue for base color and Turquoise to highlight.


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rubber stamps
Stamp designed by JK Beard / Museum of Modern Rubber.
Licensed by Sweet Stampen