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Revealing Cards - The Peek-a-Box

Inside of Peek-a-box

Project designed by instructions provided courtesy of Jane Beard.

Peek-A-Box Card


Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

Figure D

Figure E

Figure F

Figure G

Figure H

Figure I

Figure J

Figure K

3-1/2" x 10" card stock
3-1/2" x 10" card stock in contrasting color
3-1/2" x 5-1/4" card stock in contrasting color
two photos, sized to fit openings
scoring tool
craft knife
glue stick or double-stick tape
stamp pads
1-1/2" decorative punch, optional
Museum of Modern Rubber stamps:
F-1076 Not Getting Older
C-1077 Mini Happy Birthday
F-1080 Solid Polka Dots
F-1081 Open Polka Dots


1. For the card outside, score one piece of the long card stock in half.

2. Stamp an over-all design on one half to make the front cover (figure A).

3. Make a mark at the center of the right half of the front cover. Center the punch on this mark and punch through both card stock pieces (figure B ). Make another opening the same size on the left half of the front cover (figure C.

4. For the inside, stamp an all-over design on the other long piece of card stock. Score it in half, and then score each half in half again (figureD). Stamp or write three sayings to fit in the opening.

5. Punch or cut matching openings in each of the four panels of the card inside piece (figure E ).

6. Glue the first saying ("You're not getting older") into the left opening on the front cover (figure F ).

7. Glue second saying ("You're getting better!") into the second opening on the inside.

8. Glue the third saying ("Happy Birthday") into the third opening (figure G ).

9. Glue the surprise photo (hidden until the card is opened) into the fourth opening in the inside.

10. Glue the first photo (which shows when card is closed) to the reverse of the third opening. (figures H and I ).

11. Glue the outer panels of the inside piece to the interior of the outer card (figuresJ and K ).

Stamp designed by JK Beard / Museum of Modern Rubber.
Licensed by Sweet Stampen