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Etched Glass Cake Plate

Etched Glass Cake Plate

Project designed by instructions provided courtesy of Laure'l Silverberg.



10-1/2" clear glass plate
8" glass candlestick
B & B Etching Creme
Sweet Stampen's "Birds In Flight" plate border stamp #RC3096
adhesive-backed shelf paper
soft craft brush
E-6000 industrial-strength glue
black pigment ink
black super fine embossing powder
embossing heat gun
Crystal Lacquers: blue, pink, green, orange
blue paint pen
rubbing alcohol
Delta Prussian blue transparent glass paint
paint brush


1. Wash glass items thoroughly with warm soapy water and dry completely.

Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

Figure D

Figure E

Figure F

Figure G

alternative design
2. Using a circle cutter and adhesive-backed shelf paper, cut out a circle to cover the flat bottom of the plate. Peel off backing and apply adhesive paper to the plate (figure A). Make sure the paper is completely flat and there are no bubbles at the edges. This will ensure a clean etch.

3. Using the same adhesive-backed shelving paper, mask off the candlestick's stem, leaving the bottom base open to apply etching creme.

4. Following the manufacturer’s directions, apply and process etching creme to unmasked plate glass (figure B) and candlestick base.

5. Ink the stamp with pigment ink and stamp the image underneath the plate's edge (figure C). (Stamping on the underside of the plate will ensure the plates are food-safe.) Sprinkle with embossing powder and set with the heat gun. Tips: Stamp and emboss one image at a time to avoid smearing. When stamping plate borders, rotate opposite sides to ensure that the designs are evenly distributed around the plate (figure D).

6. Using the same techniques as in the previous step, stamp and emboss the candlestick base.

7. When designs are stamped and embossed, begin to color in images (figure E) using Crystal Lacquers (figure F). Do not shake these pens as bubbles will form. If this happens, use a straight pin to pop bubbles immediately. Let dry an hour.

8. Using the blue paint pen, run an edge of color around the plate's outside edge and bottom of the candlestick base.

9. Apply blue glass paint to upper cap of candlestick (figure G). Let dry.

10. Glue the candlestick to the plate using industrial-strength glue, making sure its centered. Let dry.

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