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Victorian Sugar Shade

Victorian Sugar Shade

Project designed by Laure'l Silverberg.

Project by Laure’l Silverberg.


wire frame
cotton twill tape
needle and upholstery thread
rubber stamp
1/4 yard sheer muslin
1/2 yard lining fabric
1/2 yard vintage lace or silk
4-6 yards flat trim
2 yards lace edging, beads or fringe
fabric ink
fabric or textile pens
straight pins
hot glue gun
glass bead adhesive
tacky glue


1. Tightly wrap wire frame with twill tape (figure A).

2. Trace frame pattern panels onto a brown paper bag to create a pattern (figure B).

3. Cut out fabric according to the patterns. Cut fabric to match circles in frame too.

4. Load stamp with fabric ink. Stamp images onto muslin fabric pieces and color with textile fabric markers (figure C).

5. Using a cross stitch and upholstery thread, sew panels to wrapped frame. Attach panels with straight pins one at a time nd then sew into place (figure D).

6. Cut away excess fabric close to wire frame and inside stitching of circle (figure E).

7. Pour tacky glue in a bowl; using a foam brush, very carefully paint glue over painted images one at a time (figure F).

8. Using a pan, pour glass bead abrasive over glue-painted image (figure G). Let dry completely.

9. Add flat trim to top and sides of shade and hot glue into place.

10. Add fringe, beads or lace with hot glue gun to bottom of shade (figure H).

rubber stamps and supplies
Sweet Stampen
Website: www.modernrubberstamps.com

glass beads, fringe, fabric instructional book and video
Lady Lorraine Designs
Website: www.ladylorraine.com

Victorian frames
Aro Wire Products Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
Website: www.arowire.com

Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

Figure D

Figure E


Figure F

Figure G

Figure H