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Embossed White Chocolates

Embossed White Chocolates

Project designed by instructions provided courtesy of guest Laure'l Silverberg.


heat embossing gun
Wilton round cookie treat pan
six-inch lollipop cookie sticks
chocolate melting discs - vanilla white chocolate
Sweet Stampen unmounted floral stamp
Sweet Stampen 5" x 5" acrylic mounting block
Sweet Stampen stamps
- orchid - #RC2027
- sunflower - #RC2076
- pansies - #RC1087
- tulips - #RC1089
small sponge roller
Sweet Stampen non-toxic pearl dust
Sweet Stampen non-toxic petal dusts - super pearl , forest green, apple green, super red
paintbrushes to apply dusts
food safe candy bags
tulle to tie bags


1. Melt the chocolate discs in a glass dish or measuring cup. melt chocolate discs for about 1-1/2 minute. Stir well until the chocolate is smooth.


Figure A
2. Pour the melted chocolate into the cookie treat pan. No pan preparation is necessary. Lightly tap the pan on the table surface to remove any bubbles. Insert the cookie sticks into the slotted groves and rotate the stick until it is completely covered with chocolate (figure A).

3. Put the pan into the refrigerator and let the chocolate set for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Gently remove the cooled chocolate and pull upward on the sticks to release the chocolate from the pan.

5. Mount the tulip stamp to the acrylic block.

6. Pour glycerine onto a piece of wax paper and run a roller brush through lightly. Roll the brush across the mounted tulip stamp.

Figure B
7. With a heat gun, apply heat to the chocolate surface until the chocolate's surface turns shiny.
Immediately push the glycerine-treated stamp into the chocolate. Let it set for approximately 30 seconds and remove (figure B).

Figure C
8. Let the chocolate stamped image set until firm again. If desired, place it back in the refrigerator for three to five minutes (figure C).

Figure D

Figure E
9. With a sable brush, dust the entire chocolate piece with super pearl dust. Brush the tulips with super red luster dust (figure D). Brush the leaves first with apple green pearl dust and then with forest green petal dust (figure E).

10. Put the chocolate in a clear, food safe bag.

Sweet Stampen's Candy Kit & Food Safe Rubber Stamps , luster dusts