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Etched Recipe Jar

Etched Recipe Jar

Project designed by Laure'l Silverberg.


B&B etching dip
glass quart jar
Sweet Stampen Rubber Stamps - Fudge Mix In A Jar - #RC2009
plastic container larger than the object you want etched
rocks or marbles
black pigment ink
static puff pad
superfine detail embossing powder in black and clear
heat gun
Marvy markers - red, blue , brown and pale pink
gold metallic pen
pinking scissors
fabric cut to a seven-inch circle
tulle ribbon
small ribbon rose
large rubber band
tart tamper available from kitchen specialty stores
clear plastic wrap


1. Place a glass jar to be etched in an empty plastic container. Fill the jar with water or marbles to weight it down (figure A), or place a weight on top of the jar to prevent it from floating. Fill the container (not the jar) with water to the height of the desired etching line (figure B).

2. Remove the jar from the container and mark the water level on the outside of the container. Pour the water out. Thoroughly dry the plastic container and glass jar.

3. Pour etching dip into the container, filling to the level of the mark drawn in step 2 (figure C).

4. Place the glass jar into etching liquid and leave for 15 minutes.

5. After time has elapsed, lift the jar from the container and rinse under running water.

6. Clean the jar with soap and water. Dry thoroughly.

7. Dust the etched area with a static puff pad.

8. Place the stamp in black pigment ink.

9. Lay the stamp on a flat surface and gently roll the jar across the inked stamp, beginning from right to left or left to right (figure D).

10. Cover the stamped area with black superfine detail powder (figure E).

11. Heat the ink and embossing powder with a heat gun until glossy.

12. Spray the embossed area with a sealant. Let dry.

13. Color in the embossed area with markers (figure F). Cover with clear detail embossing powder and heat with a heat gun. Let cool.

14. Layer the following ingredients in the jar:
     -1/2 cup pecans
     -3 cups mini marshmallows
     -12 ounces chocolate chips

Pour in the pecans. Add marshmallows and push them down with a tart tamper. Before adding chocolate chips, cut a piece of clear wrap and insert it on top of marshmallows. Add chocolate chips inside the clear wrap and push them down with a tart tamper ( figure G). Twist the clear wrap over the chocolate chips and add a twist tie. Put the lid onto the jar.

15. Place a fabric circle over the closed lid. Hold it in place with a rubber band and center.

16. Tie tulle ribbon around the lid to cover the rubber band and make a bow. Glue a ribbon rose to the tool (figure H).

B&B Etchall, Sweet Stampe's Fudge Mix In A Jar stamp, Marvy Markers, pigment ink, embossing powder

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