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Museum of Modern Rubber - Rubber Stamps

Sweet Stampen is is now licensing ALL images from Museum of Modern Rubber. It is taking quite a bit of time getting their catalog up on our site. If you are urgently looking for something, please, Email us .
NOTE: To search for MOMR items using our search engine above, it is best NOT to list the MOMR size letter. EX: If you are looking for M1030 or E1008, search for just the number or MR1008. The MOMR size letters are NOT the same as ours.

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Graphic Backgrounds Shadow Stamps
NEW Modern Rubber images. This is one of the last plates Jane Beard ever ran before retiring the company. They never made it to any catalog and the plates just sat in a cabinet! Until... a big NY magazine wanted some "graphic" images for cookies! So for the first time ever, we will be offering these images UNMOUNTED for food!

We are offering them with a few more of our backgrounds at a special price.

Images from Left to Right, Top to Bottom:Ovals, Ultra Star, Burst (shown on top of): Diamond Square, Googie, Circles (shown on top of): Solid Circles, Squares (shown on top of): Solid Squares and Boomerang.


Design by Jane Beard
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Housebox Birdhouse
A Museum of Modern Rubber exclusive. Our house box template creates a lovely three dimensional box perfect for holding gifts and cookies. Stamps available create a Birdhouse, Gingerbread House, Log Cabin and Chapel.

Unmounted stamps are food safe
Wood mounted stamps are not food safe.


Designed by Jane Beard
(Product picture not actual size)
Cookie Design by Carole Busse

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Happy Birthday

This has to be my favorite birthday greeting of all time... I just love this design. Shown here stamped on a cookie with a partial image of our For Me? stamp.

Smaller size now available.We made this wonderful MoMR image smaller for a bakery client. And now that we have the mold, we can sell it to you guys too!

Wood Mounted only
Wood mounted stamps are never food safe.


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Sound Module - Ringing Phone
Museum of Modern Rubber stamps - ringing phone module. Place inside your card to create ringing sound. 1 / $3.00 or 4 / $10.50


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Phone Cords
Colorful Neon Phone cords for Museum of Modern Rubber stamps phone cards. Pink, green yellow and orange. Available in packs of 4 (1 each color) or 12 (3 each color)


by artist/designer Judi Kauffman.
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Lemon Lime Margarita

Great beverage set for Modern Rubber! Please click the detail link to see all the stamps in this set!

Images Featured:

Citrus Slice MR817e
Star Burst MR819b
Sunshine MR818e
Lemonade Pitcher MR872m
Lime Wedge MR820d
When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade MR863f
Margarita Glass MR816q
When Life Gives You Limes, Make Margaritas MR821f

Wood Mounted stamps are never food safe.
Our unmounted stamps are made from food safe rubber.


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MoMR Backgrounds

Finally! All of the Museum of Modern Rubber's terrific backgrounds in one place! Many of these also work great with our Purse Templates.

Jewel Texture,
Icing Shingles,
Heart Texture,
Stamp Texture,
Letters Texture,
Plaid Texture,
Squares & Dots,

Drip Texture,
Nuts & Bolts,
Bubble Background,
Star Texture,
Spot Texture,
Leaves Texture,
Little Dots,
Misty Hearts,
Numbers Texture,
Big Dots,
Shoe Texture,
Shamrock Texture,
Mosaic Texture,
Stucco (Cake) Texture,
Boomerang, and
Shake Shingles.

Wood Mounted Stamps are never food safe.

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Cabin Housebox
I just realized the Cabin was not up here!

Here are a few stamps to get you started: Rock Chimney, Welcome to Cabin (wall plaque), Log End. New additions: Cabin Door and Cabin Window rubber stamps.

Wood Mounted Only. Wood Mounted stamps are never food safe.

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Modern Rubber Halloween 1
Adding Modern Rubber Stamps catalog pages! Included here are some great classic MoMR images:

Large Mummy
Small Mummy
Fence / Gate
Mirror, Mirror phrase stamp
Worms Crawl phrase stamp
Yes Mummy Dearest phrase stamp
Bring Boos
Beating Heart
We Traced the Call (and it's coming from inside the house!) phrase stamp
Pickled Brains
Small Headstone
Large Headstone (not shown)

Note: Tombstone images are the same except for size. Click "Details" for sizes.
Wood mounted stamps are never food safe.

Copyright MoMR / JK Beard Designer
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Rose Fan

Rose paddle for fan series. This product is indexed with black ink on wood. Color for example only!

Wood Mounted
Mounted $10.00

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