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Welcome to Sweet Stampen!

The First Line of Rubber Stamps Designed for Cakes, Cookies, Candies, Cards and Themed Projects. We have tons of recipe stamps too!

Stamping on Cookies and Candy is easy and fun. We have everything you need in kit form with easy to follow directions. We even have a book and video to help create gorgeous cookies and candies with food safe rubber stamps!

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Thanks for shopping our food safe rubber stamps and art. Also the home of Museum of Modern Rubber Stamps and Pansy Lane Art Stamps

6/12/15-We are closed for vacation. Shipping will resume 6/25/15

7/11/13- We've added info on the custom food safe stamping process to the right of this page and... we have an update for people wanting to share plates on our blog!!

3/16/13- STILL Updating the SALE page... be sure to check it out!!! New updated sale items weekly and HUGE WOOD MOUNTS SALE on the Fan page on Facebook!!! If you are not following us, you are missing out!

We've been getting tons of hits and comments from a site published by a "chef" with lots of INCORRECT information on rubber stamping on cookies. The guide on her blog WILL GET SOMEONE SICK! You should NEVER NEVER use a foam pad... it cannot be sterilized and that this the reason we don't deal with them. Regular black food color will dry the pad out and render it useless as the sugar crusts on top... which is the reason we manufacture special food color. Finally, we are the ONLY company specializing in food safe rubber! Not all rubber is safe for food! PLEASE, don't get anyone sick! And don't sue us for the poor instructions written by uninformed "chefs."

Many of our unmounted Treat toppers are on sale! Be sure to check that category!. Be sure to check out Holly's glass beads.

Check out the latest in sugarcrafting at http://www.ices.org

We want your samples! And we're willing to pay for them - in rubber of course! Send us scans of your samples using our stamps. If we use them on the website, you'll receive $5 in free stamps for cards; $10 for cookies. If we use them for a project sheet, $25 in free stamps. We are looking for samples made from things NOT on the website. Email us for more details.

Refund Policy: Unused rubber stamps may be returned for a full refund. Buyer to pay shipping both ways. Food items may not be returned.

Privacy Policy: We contact you by email only to confirm your order, and our shipping programs send a tracking number. All orders are shipped via USPS unless FEDEX is requested. Your phone / email address will also be used to contact you should there be a delay or if we have a question about the food safety of the combination of products you are ordering. Your address is stored in our bookkeeping documents accessible only to management via password. We do not give away or sell our customer info. If you wish to have info on our sales, we do not have a mailing list but advise you follow us on Facebook, Rubber Stamp Chat or check our home page. Your credit card info is not accessible to Sweet Stampen or it's employees beyond knowing what type of card you used to check out (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) when shopping on this website. We do utilize a card swiper at shows and in class settings but those numbers are shredded once your card has been billed.

Our Website does use cookies to make the fancy shopping cart work on every page of your shopping experience. You are free to email us an order if cookies make you uncomfortable.


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Developed by Owner, Laure'l Silverberg in 1999, and purchased by her marketing director and former Carol Duvall producer, Holly Dare Hughes in 2004, Sweet Stampen continues to be a huge success! Click here to learn more About Sweet Stampen. To see where Holly is teaching, click Class Schedule.

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